Action Family Counseling's Adult Residential Treatment Center - Santa Clarita, CA

santa_clarita_2_0.jpgAction Family Counseling’s Santa Clarita Residential Treatment Center is located on a 4-acre ranch in the picturesque valley of Santa Clarita, 35 miles north of Los Angeles.  Santa Clarita is known for its unique blend of rural, old west heritage and urban sophistication; this fast-growing city has established an enviable balance between high-quality living and growth.

The Adult Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Center is nestled in the beautiful rural community of Bouquet Canyon in Santa Clarita. The center has many peaceful views of rolling hills, streams, waterfalls, open fields and rural winding roads. These tranquil surroundings make it an ideal spot for recovery.

The Santa Clarita Adult Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Center can house six patients, so the staff to patient ratio is very low. In addition, we have a Licensed Vocational Nurse on-site as well as an award-winning chef. Patients have full access to the pool at The Ranch.

Some features of Action Family Counseling's Santa Clarita Adult Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Center include:

- Therapeutic services geared to each patient’s specific needs.
- Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
- Dynamic Multi-Family Group sessions to accommodate busy work schedules
- Structured, Nurturing, and Safe Residential setting
- Physical Exercise and Excursions including: hiking, basketball, swimming, and regular trips into downtown Santa Clarita for activities with a focus on re-socialization.

Our trained staff of specialists will work with the patient’s addiction and co-occurring disorders with an emphasis on attending NA/AA meetings 7 days a week, with a strong focus on the 12-step model.

In addition, Action Family Counseling's staff specializes in:

- Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment
- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
- Solution Focused Therapy



With drug and alcohol rehab locations in Santa Clarita, Piru, Ventura, Santa Paula, Pasadena, Palmdale, Studio City, Simi Valley, Bakersfield, and Las Vegas, Action Family Counseling is here to help you.

For information regarding admission, intake, and services please call Action Family Counseling at (800) 367-8336.